Joint civil society submission to the July 2020 OECD Development Assistance Committee meeting addressing Debt Relief reporting measures


This submission represents the views of a group of 25 civil society organisations (CSOs) from the global south and the global north.

The submission was coordinated within the DAC-CSO Reference Group - an open platform which aims to facilitate CSO engagement with the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Private Finance Working Group, which is led by Eurodad. 

The letter addresses the CSOs’ concerns about ongoing discussions and negotiations at OECD DAC on reporting debt relief as ODA. The system for reporting loans was last reformed in 2014, when new ‘grant equivalent system’ meant that donors could no longer report the full amount of a loan as aid, or official development assistance (ODA). Instead, this system takes into account the risk that the loan will not be repaid from the moment they are credited. It is this which gets reported as ODA. Some countries would like to see additional ODA credits if they agree to cancel or reschedule these loans.

CSOs are concerned that additional measures to report debt relief could jeopardise the credibility of ODA as a measure of donor effort to support the most vulnerable in developing countries.

Download the full submission shared with the DAC Chair, the DAC Delegates, the Development Cooperation Directorate Director and relevant staff.

Download previous submission on the same subject (May 2020) shared with the DAC Chair, the DAC Delegates, the Development Cooperation Directorate Director and relevant staff.

The list of organisations that signed the latest letter on 14 July 2020:

  1. ActionAid International

  2. Africa Development Interchange Network (ADIN)

  3. Aid Watch Canada

  4. Ambrela Slovak Platform of Development Organizations

  5. Association pour l’Integration et le Developpement Durable au Burundi (AIDB)

  6. Austrian Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid

  7. Bond The International Development Network

  8. Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC)

  9. Caritas Europa

  10. Coordinadora de la Mujer Bolivia

  11. Coordinadora de ONGDs – Spain
  12. Coordination Sud

  13. European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)

  14. Global Policy Forum

  15. Ibon International

  16. Indigenous Peoples Global Forum for Sustainable Development (IPGFforSD)

  17. Fundación SES

  18. Finnish Development NGOs Fingo

  19. Investment Watch (I-Watch)

  20. Oxfam International

  21. Society for International Development

  22. Slovenian NGO platform for development (SLOGA)

  23. Reality of Aid Asia-Pacific

  24. 11.11.11

  25. Wemos