How can organisations join Eurodad?

Organisations working on development finance may apply to join the network. Applicants for membership must be formally proposed by an existing Eurodad member and the application is subject to approval by existing members at the Eurodad General Assembly.

What are the benefits of becoming a Eurodad member? 

Benefits of Eurodad membership include:

  • Access to Eurodad’s development finance expertise as well as day-to-day support on development finance issues.
  • The ability to influence the course of the secretariat’s policy work and shape Eurodad's priorities and strategy. 
  • Access to Eurodad's extensive network of contacts, including NGO groups and officials in the global south. Eurodad also facilitates access to officials for EU and global advocacy
  • Exclusive access to an online Knowledge Management Platform packed with resources and opportunities for joint work

For more information and a full list of Eurodad membership benefits contact Sanna Honkaniemi, Organisational Assistant.