Eurodad and Covid-19


Covid-19 is a global health emergency that can only be effectively tackled by well-resourced public health systems and public policies that prioritise the vulnerable. These are issues that Eurodad has long advocated for.

We are following the advice of the Belgian government to work remotely, but we will continue to collaborate with our members and partners across Europe and around the world.

Eurodad is concerned that the unfolding economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic will further aggravate the debt crisis that many countries in the global south currently face, impacting women, the poorest and most marginalised in these countries the most. As the IMF, the World Bank, the G20, the US, the EU and other countries deliberate how best to respond to the crisis, Eurodad will work hard to ensure that their rights are protected.

We will provide updates on our Covid-19 related advocacy in our biweekly newsletter Development Finance Watch; our website will be regularly updated; and you can follow us on Twitter at @eurodad.

We can also be contacted at: admin [at]