Eurodad reaction to reports that the EU and UK are obstructing UN tax negotiations


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Eurodad reaction to reports that the EU and UK are obstructing UN tax negotiations

This week the Financial Times (FT) published a story which reveals that the European Union and United Kingdom have been playing an obstructive role in the ongoing negotiations about strengthening international tax cooperation at the UN.

In October 2023, the Africa Group tabled a proposal to negotiate a UN Convention on Tax, but according to developing country negotiators quoted by the FT, the EU and UK have been trying to "kill" the process.

Read Eurodad's media reaction to this news.

Read two OpEds urging support for the process at the UN - one by Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa, in the Financial Times here and one by José Antonio Ocampo, former UN under-secretary-general and a former minister of finance and public credit of Colombia, in Project Syndicate here.

Here you can read a letter signed by more than 200 organisations and trade unions, calling for the adoption of the Africa Group resolution on a UN Tax Convention.

Here you will find a Q and A on the process.


Wrong side of history: EU must demand ceasefire in Gaza and finance justice

As a network of civil society organisations committed to human rights, justice, equality and peace, we are horrified by the violence in Gaza and Israel. Eurodad, together with Counter Balance, urges the EU to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and finance justice.

Read the statement here.

Read a Twitter thread with statements and petitions from members and partners here.


Aid under threat: The shadowy business of private sector instruments

Since 2018, temporary rules have allowed donor countries to report private-sector-oriented operations, known as Private Sector Instruments, as official development assistance. In late October 2023, DAC members finally agreed to permanent rules and the expansion of the existing measures to instruments such as guarantees and mezzanines. This new agreement will likely mean channelling more ODA through private sector-oriented projects.

In this new Eurodad report, we chart the increased use of such operations, highlight problematic gaps in transparency and accountability, and end with recommendations both for the OECD DAC and wider civil society.

Read the report here. 

Read an Opinion piece published in Devex by the report author Nerea Craviotto here.

Watch the recording of the report launch webinar here.

Gender-responsive climate finance: The key to just climate action and tackling inequalities

This expert paper, written by Eurodad's Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer for Climate Finance, Leia Achampong, looks at the gendered impacts of national and personal debt, and how this exacerbates inequalities, poverty and human rights. The paper was presented at the UN Women CSW68 Expert Group Meeting.

Read the paper here. 

Useful resources

Statement: Special Drawing Rights must be part of the COP28 agenda as a matter of urgency

by Latindadd

As multiple crises exacerbate the financing needs of developing countries, this sign-on statement demands leaders gathering in COP28 to agree to the full implementation of new and existing Special Drawing Rights to help low- and middle-income countries meet the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goal agendas.

Read the statement and add your signature here.

Read a report on the impacts of special drawing rights in Latin America and the Caribbean by Latindadd here.


16 November | The Africa Group’s Call for a UN Tax Convention: Perspectives in Support of the first ever inclusive and effective global tax agreement

by Global Alliance for Tax Justice and the Civil Society Financing for Development (CS FfD) Mechanism

The event marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing negotiations among UN Member States aimed at fostering inclusive and effective international tax cooperation. As the discussions progress towards a deadline of November 22nd, the spotlight is on the Africa Group’s draft resolution advocating for a UN tax convention. For those unable to attend in person, the event will be live-streamed via UN Web TV 1:15pm EST / 7:15pm CET.

Find more information here.

21 November | Blended finance for climate action - Risks and opportunities of an emerging agenda

by Eurodad and ActionAid

The urgency and scale of the climate crisis has led to an agenda focused on mobilising private finance for climate. Blended finance – a combination of concessional finance with other public or private resources – is increasingly portrayed as a key tool to achieve that goal, at a time when global north countries have failed to meet their climate finance promises. Is this solution working? This webinar will gather a diverse group of speakers to cover the key features of this agenda, and explore the challenges and opportunities that this approach presents. Interpretation in French and Spanish will be available.

Register for the webinar here.

23 November | Launch of the 2023 Private Sector Watch Global Synthesis Report

The Reality of Aid Network, together with CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) will launch their new Private Sector Watch report which monitors private sector engagement in development cooperation through case studies from the network’s constituencies. The webinar will discuss key findings and policy recommendations on PSE.

Register for the webinar here.

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