Eurodad Policy Forum 2020 - Lessons learnt from the Covid-19 global health crisis in times of austerity, debt crises and privatisation (15-19 June)


The Eurodad policy forum and general assembly 2020 is taking place from 15-19 June and registrations are now open.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed multiple crises and created great uncertainty about the future of development. Careful analysis of current developments are essential to ensure that Eurodad’s new five-year strategy responds well to the external context. The strategy planning process has therefore been extended for the duration of 2020 to allow sufficient time for the changed external context to be reflected in the new strategy. The ‘unpacked’ Policy Forum will provide a dynamic space for these reflections, which will continue until the autumn.

The new Eurodad strategy will then be adopted in December at a face to face (if the situation allows) extraordinary General Assembly, closing a long process that has involved Eurodad members and allies since the 2019 Eurodad international conference.

The virtual Policy Forum will start with a webinar on Monday 15 June. The theme will be 'Lessons to be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic'. It will be followed by virtual workshops throughout the week. The workshops will provide the space for political and strategic analysis and discussion on the impacts of Covid-19 on our work and how to respond, to feed into our new strategy. See details below.

The virtual General Assembly will take place on 19 June. It will also be an opportunity to present our new website.

Objectives of the Policy Forum:

  • Deepen understanding: To understand the interlinkages between debt, tax governance, domestic resource mobilisation, development finance, austerity, the resilience of health systems, and climate change.
  • Reflect on implications of the current multiple crises for our work: To discuss root causes of the problems, and reflect on how far our work and proposals for change will tackle these.
  • Discuss our long-term strategy, beyond the Covid-19 response.

The event is funded by the European Union, Brot für die Welt and Norad. The content of the event is the sole responsibility of Eurodad and its participants and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the funders.