Finance for/to citizens – making finance serve general interest

This report analyses finance's impacts on poverty, inequality and general interest more broadly.

The objective of this document is to propose analyses and recommendations to open a discussion amongst citizens, financial actors and decision-makers in order to put finance back at the service of the general interest (eg. fighting inequality and poverty in all countries of the world and transforming our socio-economic models to ensure the urgent energy transition).

The proposals listed in the report aim to:

  • Reorganise the supervisory architecture managing finance towards the general interest
  • Shift financial flows towards socially useful activities
  • Stabilise financial systems to protect economy and societies from excessive risks taken by financial actors. 

It is completed by an afterword by Gaël Giraud, Director of Research at the CNRS and Chief Economist of AFD.

Full version of this report is available in French.

Executive summary version here