Framework Agreement for Translation Services – English-Bahasa Indonesia


Eurodad is seeking periodic translation services from English to Bahasa Indonesian (and occasionally the reverse) of reports, briefings, website text and other written materials.

Deadline:  Monday, 15 August at 17:00 CET (22:00 Jakarta time).

Download the full ToR here

Eurodad is currently carrying out a project entitled “Raising the voices of communities on the front-line in the fight against economic inequalities,” with funding from the European Union and other donors. The project aims to contribute to reducing inequalities both within and between countries, including the specific and extreme problems of economic and gender inequalities in Indonesia and India, as well as the global inequalities caused or exacerbated by tax dodging and illicit financial flows. The project includes the production of a number of written outputs such as briefings and reports produced or coordinated by Eurodad together with its Indonesian partners. Some of these materials need to be translated from English to Bahasa Indonesia. 

Download the full ToR here

Contract timeline

The contract will be a framework agreement for as-needed services to be provided between August 2022 and 31 March 2024 (likely about 1-3 times per year). Within this period, Eurodad will always aim to give as much notice as possible for translation requests. During office hours of working days we would hope to allow for the following timeframes:

  • We may ask for some short outputs to be produced by the following day, so we are looking for flexibility within reason.
  • For a major report we would allow 7-10 days for translation
  • For a briefing we would allow 3-5 days for translation
  • For a shorter piece, we would allow 1 day

Technical specifications

  • Documents may vary from 1 page to lengthy reports (50-60 pages)
  • Content of the documents will generally be written in a style that aims to be easily accessible to a variety of audiences, including someone new to the topics covered by the documents – with clear language and explanations of technical terminology. Nevertheless, the documents will cover content related to economic inequalities, tax policies, United Nations processes, the Sustainable Development Goals, and other areas with specific terminology. Thus experience working with documents related to these themes would be a significant asset.

Selection criteria

Eurodad selects suppliers/consultants to be awarded for a contract based on best value for money. For this tender, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Cost
  2. A minimum of 3 years of relevant translation experience: translating for Civil Society Organisations, UN bodies, or other related clients
  3. Familiarity with the theme of economic justice and terminology related to economic inequalities, tax policies, United Nations processes, the Sustainable Development Goals and/or other related topics will be considered a strong advantage.
  4. Evidence of capacity and reliability: based on Eurodad’s past positive experience with bidder, references from other organisations or evidence of similar contracts in the past.
  5. Quality of translation: short-listed bidders may be requested to do a short translation sample, as proof of the quality of the translation.

Instructions for submitting tenders

Deadline: Tenders must be submitted no later than Monday, 15 August at 17:00 CET (22:00 Jakarta time) Tenders submitted after this time will not be considered. Where and how to submit tenders: Tenders should be submitted via email to [email protected] with the subject “Tender” and the tender reference: 2022-04

Language of tenders: The tenders and any supporting documents must be provided in English.

The submitted tender package must include:

  • The complete offer with total prices and relevant details, including:
    • Price per page or per word
    • Prices should be given in EUR or USD, inclusive of VAT (or if no VAT, please 0% VAT)
    • Description of how the bidder fits with the selection criteria
    • At least 2 relevant references for contracts of a similar nature 
  • A CV 
  • Any other supporting documents, as relevant, that prove the bidder’s fit with the selection criteria
  • Companies must provide a copy of their company’s registration document, as proof of their nationality in compliance with the European Union’s Rules of Nationality. (Freelance consultants are exempt from this requirement).
  • The signed declaration on honour at the end of this document confirming that the bidder does not match any of the exclusion criteria

Tenders which are incomplete or not submitted as described above will be excluded.

Contact Person

If you have questions about the terms of reference or invitation to tender requirements, please send these in writing to [email protected]. Please do not send tenders to this address. It is forbidden to discuss price with this contact person and this person will not be involved in the decision-making for this contract.

Download the full ToR here