The future of aid in the post Covid-19 context: challenges and opportunities - Eurodad Policy Forum 2021

25 November 2021

*Interpretation will be available in Spanish and French*


  • María José Romero (moderator), Eurodad
  • Adrian Chikowore, AFRODAD
  • Jeroen Kwakkenbos, Oxfam International
  • Riccardo Roba, CONCORD
  • Samantha Attridge, ODI
  • Vitalice Meja, Reality of Aid Africa

The combination of a lack of ambition to boost aid budgets and the belief that private actors will be able to fill the gap needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals has led to an increase in the use of aid to subsidise the private sector, rather than intervening in the strengthening of governance and access to public services. Within the public opinion, following the numerous crisis in the last years, there is less and less support for development cooperation and increasing (or even maintaining aid budgets). Yet, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, official development assistance (ODA) remains an essential form of external financing for many developing countries.

At this session a panel of speakers will offer perspectives addressing the current development cooperation context, this introductory panel will be followed by discussions on CSOs strategies to influence this context.


Background documents

CGD - Andrew Rogerson and Euan Ritchie, ODA in Turmoil: Why Aid

Definitions and Targets Will Come Under Pressure in the Pandemic Age, and What Might Be Done About It

To further check: Transformational solidarity: the journey towards decolonising development cooperation

New visions: Words Matter: Ditching the Outdated and Patronising “Aid” Narrative / Is investing in a global public the future of aid?

To further check: Priming the pump: Is development aid still relevant?


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