CSOs letter on the IMF, WB and India (G20 Presidency) Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable - sign ons

The letter aims to share our concerns and convey some requests regarding inclusiveness and transparency in the ongoing discussions to address sovereign debt resolution.

Amidst a rapid worsening of the fiscal conditions and debt problems in many low- and middle-income countries, and facing the evidence that the G20 Common Framework is not delivering on timely, comprehensive and fair debt treatments, we understand that the IMF, World Bank and G20 Presidency have convened a new forum, a Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable (GSDR).

We are asking the G20 Presidency, IMF MDs and the World Bank President for a more transparent and inclusive process, with timely information sharing. We call for a more active participation of CSOs, multilateral organisations and borrower countries. 

We encourage signatories to share it with G20 members and other relevant stakeholders, including borrowing governments not invited to the Roundtable.

Read the letter here

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