Invitation to tender: Illustration Services


Eurodad is looking for a skilled and insightful illustrator to develop a set of illustrations that will provide a unique and relevant visual identity to support the fight for economic justice by civil society activists collaborating on two global projects.

Deadline for proposals: 3 October, 17h CEST.

The European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) is a civil society network advocating for democratically controlled, gender-just and human rights-based financial and economic systems. Eurodad is a network of 58 civil society organisations from 28 European countries working as part of a global movement to push for economic justice. More information can be found on our website

Eurodad is currently collaborating in a broad coalition of partners within the framework of two projects funded by the European Union and other donors in order to campaign on related economic justice issues. The two projects are named:  

  • “From commitments to actions: Increasing public accountability in the lead up to Monterrey+20”
  • “Raising the voices of communities on the front-line in the fight against economic inequalities” 

Objectives of the contract 

Eurodad is looking for a skilled and insightful illustrator to develop a set of illustrations that will provide a unique and relevant visual identity to support the fight for economic justice by civil society activists collaborating on two global projects. The resulting illustrations will be used on the websites for these two projects, with further potential use for publications, social media and campaign materials related to the project.  

Outputs for this contract 

A set of four illustrations will be produced to be used freely by Eurodad and its project partners. This will include four different images, all with a common style, two of which are horizontal (useful for a header on a webpage or publications), one vertical (useful for a sidebar or narrow space), and one square or round (useful for a variety of  purposes). Subsequent contracts for further illustrations in the same style are a possibility but not guaranteed. 

Contract timeline 

The contract envisages the following provisional schedule: 

  • Initial discussions between Eurodad and the illustrator on the concept and needs (by early October, 2022) 
  • Proposal of draft ideas (including a few options) from the illustrator (within 1 week)
  • Development of initial illustrations (within 2 weeks)
  • Discussion, adjustments and approval of draft illustrations (within 1 week)
  • Delivery of final illustrations (within 2 weeks) – target deadline by mid-November, 2022
  • Approval and acceptance of the final illustrations (within 1 week)

Illustrators may propose adjustments to this timeline in their offer if this does not seem feasible. 

Technical specifications 

  • Medium: The illustrator is free to propose any medium for the illustrations. The images may be in colour or black and white, but if in colour the colours should be complementary to the colours used on the websites and campaign material of the two projects (to be discussed in the initial meeting). 
  • Format: The final illustrations are to be provided digitally, including vector files, jpeg, and png files with a transparent background.
  • Variations: The two horizontal images will be provided in 3 versions of vector files: 1) without any text, 2) with the name of Website 1, and 3) with the name of Website 2. Colour variations of the same image may also be requested. 

Practical arrangements

The contract will be completed through home based, individual work with online consultation with Eurodad staff to  discuss the projects and ideas for the illustrations. If the illustrator is based in Brussels, they would be welcome to  meet in person for any discussions with Eurodad. 

Background information 

Eurodad is seeking illustrations that capture themes related to economic justice, including fighting economic  inequalities, fair global governance of economic systems, tax justice, debt justice and gender justice. Further details  about both projects and suggestions about what kind of images could be helpful and which should be avoided will be  shared with the selected illustrator in the initial planning and discussion phase. 

Selection criteria 

Eurodad selects suppliers/consultants to be awarded for a contract based on best value for money. For this tender,  the following criteria will be considered:  

  1. Cost 
  2. Technical skills (as evidenced by samples from your portfolio, your website, etc.) 
  3. A minimum of 3 years of work experience as an illustrator 
  4. Experience providing illustrations for Civil Society Organisations in support of their campaigns and  positive references from past contracts with Civil Society Organisations will be considered a strong advantage 5. Familiarity with the themes of economic justice, economic inequalities, the Sustainable Development Goals  or other related topics will be considered a strong advantage 

How will Eurodad decide who wins the contract? 

Eurodad has a Tender Committee made up of at least three members who will open and evaluate all tenders received and select the supplier which offers the lowest price and best matches all the other Selection Criteria. 

Instructions for submitting tenders 

  • Tenders must be submitted no later than 03/10/2022, 17:00 CET via email to [email protected] with the subject “Tender” and the tender reference: 2022-05.  
  • The tenders must be in English.  
  • For the tender, it is sufficient to provide a simple letter that includes your offer with the total price in EUR  (inclusive of VAT) and relevant details that demonstrate your fit with the selection criteria above.
  • Tenders which are incomplete or not submitted as described above will be excluded. 

Contact Person 

If you have questions about the terms of reference or invitation to tender requirements, please send these in writing to  [email protected]. Please do not send tenders to this address. It is forbidden to discuss price with this contact  person and this person will not be involved in the decision-making for this contract.  

Anti-fraud policy 

Eurodad has a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption and fraud in all its forms. Eurodad aims to prevent  fraudulent activities and to respond to any allegations or potential fraud swiftly and effectively. If the bidder or any  member of staff is aware of any corrupt or fraudulent activities in relation to this procurement process, they are  requested to report it to Eurodad’s Director (j[email protected]) immediately.  

Privacy policy 

If you decide to submit a tender to this call, please note that Eurodad will keep your information and offer for at least 10 years as it is legally required as supporting documentation for our donors even if you are not selected for the contract. For more information about our privacy practices please visit Eurodad’s website.

Download the full invitation to tender