Open Letter to G20 Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors and the IMF: Civil Society Organizations Call for Issuance of More SDRs and Fairer Distribution


Due to the rules governing the distribution of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), more than US$400 billion of last year's US$ 650 billion issuance went to advanced economies who didn't need them. A group of CSOs are therefore calling for a new allocation of SDRs with fairer distribution to help tackle the global crises and substantial changes to the Resilience and Sustainability Trust, the IMF new instrument to channel SDRs.

Sixteen civil society organisations have sent an open letter to G20 Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors and the IMF calling for a new issuance of Special Drawing Rights along with mechanisms to distribute SDRs more fairly.

The undersigned civil society organisations urge the recipients of the open letter to consider the following measures to further respond to the current crisis and promote inclusive recoveries with long-term, sustainable development and better crisis preparedness:

  1. A new allocation of SDRs
  2. A fair and speedy SDR rechaneling from advanced to developing countries
  3. incorporate substantial changes to the design of the RST, the main IMF channelling vehicle, and to other channeling mechanisms


  • ActionAid
  • African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD)
  • Bretton Woods Project
  • Caritas Africa
  • Center for Economic and Policy Research
  • Christian Aid
  • European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD)
  • Financial Transparency Coalition
  • Global Call to Action against Poverty - GCAP
  • Global Policy Forum I
  • Initiative for Social and Economic Rights - Uganda
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign -UK
  • Latin American Network for Economic and Social Rights (LATINDADD)
  • Recourse
  • Social Justice in Global Development
  • Third World Network
  • World Economy, Ecology and Development (WEED)

Read the entire open letter here