Reforming the Global Taxation System: Is the International System fit for the 21st Century?
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10 October 2020

Irrefutably, the debate regarding the global tax system is one that has been a central discussion for several global forums. One that includes a heated debate regarding the extent to which taxation rights need to be allocated.

Nonetheless, the global taxation system remains to be a key issue in the world of economy and development; a discussion that encompasses a wide range of considerations such as digital taxation, financial transaction and corporate taxes, wealth tax, issues of tax avoidance and just-taxation towards women. Civil society advocates for a better-balanced system where resource collection is equitable and transparent.

In this session, rather than discussing the trade-off between higher growth and taxation, panelists will voice concerns regarding transparency and discuss policy reforms that are more equitable and just. This discussion then expands to a question of who the major actors should be, weighing on multilateral power structures, whether the UN, OECD or G20 should drive this dialogue towards finding a global solution to tax challenges.

This session aims to shed light on the nature of the international taxation system; one that has much room for improvement and requires commitments for reform by G20 member countries. Civil society calls for an equitable and just taxation system. In doing so, it is key to address the challenges to reforming taxation and the several complexities of digital taxation, the need for gender analysis, international transparency on assets and illicit cash flows, and enabling the voices of developing countries in these talks.

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  • Pascal Sant-Amans, Director for Center for Tax and Policy, OECD
  • Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics, Jawaharal Nehru University and Executive Secretary, International Development Economics Associations
  • Tove Maria Ryding, Policy and Advocacy Manager - Tax Justice, Eurodad
  • Rashmi Banga, Senior Economist, UNCTAD
  • Abdulmuhsen S. Alkhalaf, Chief Policy Officer of the G20 Finance Track
  • Max Lawson, Head of Advocacy and Public Policy, Oxfam GB
  • Osamah AlhenakiC20 Engagement Group Co-Sherpa, Local Lead for the International Financial Architecture

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