Strengthening cohesion, tackling climate change: How can Europe avoid another decade of austerity?
Address: Mundo-B, Rue d'Edimbourg 26, Brussels 1050, Belgium

13 June 2023
Brussels, Belgium

What are the dangers of austerity in a context of global economic uncertainty exacerbated by uneven pandemic recovery and the war in Ukraine? In 2023 many countries are projected to experience a recession, with elevated energy costs, high inflation depressing household consumption and investment, resulting in a significant danger of countries leaning into austerity measures as a way to restore macroeconomic stability and economic growth.

This workshop will bring together civil society and academics to explore these issues by unpacking governments’ responses to inflation and their impact on public spending, exploring how the EU could improve its economic outlook by maintaining its climate commitments without double-down on extractive development from the Global South.

The discussion will be an opportunity to deepen existing alliances among members and engage new ones, in order to reignite a discussion around austerity in Europe, working to build momentum and push against austerity, advocating for people-centred and human rights-based economies.

The event will be followed by a standing dinner and networking drinks. 


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