Submission to the UN Secretary General's Tax Report 2023


Together with the Civil Society Financing for Development Mechanism and a coalition of over 90 civil society organisations and trade unions, Eurodad has made a submission to the UN Secretary-General's Tax Report 2023.

In the submission, the coalition welcomes the adoption of the historic UN Resolution 77/244 on International Tax Cooperation, which was tabled by the Africa Group and adopted by consensus at the UN General Assembly in late 2022. The coalition calls for an ambitious and speedy implementation of the Resolution, and puts forward specific proposals for next steps.

In particular, the coalition calls for the intergovernmental UN process on tax, which has been mandated by the Resolution, to be transparent, inclusive, well-resourced and designed to deliver an intergovernmental outcome that can pave the way towards a new UN Framework Convention on Tax.

Download and read the full submission here.