Webinar - Decoding the New Global Financing Pact Summit: Critical reflection from the lens of climate, debt and tax justice

26 June 2023

On 22-23 June, world leaders, representatives of financial institutions and private sectors and CSOs are gathering in Paris for the New Financial Pact Summit, convened by President Macron in response to the Bridgetown Initiative. It calls for an overhaul of the international financial system to fight inequalities, finance the climate transition and bring us closer to achieving the SDGs. 

The webinar will critically assess the outcomes of New Global Financial Pact (to be held as a Summit on June 22-23rd) and its implications. The speakers will outline what it required for states to meet their obligations under international law, and the unmet needs of reforms to global financial architecture. They will cover areas such as international tax cooperation, debt cancellation, financing for development, reform of multilateral development banks, and approaches to climate finance. 


  • Meghna Abraham, Center for Economic and Social Rights- CESR (also moderator)
  • Jayati Ghosh, Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation - ICRICT
  • Mariana Paoli, Christian Aid  
  • Mathieu Paris, Plateforme française dette et développement - PFDD  
  • Iolanda Fresnillo, Eurodad
  • Carola Mejía Silva, Latindadd


Re-watch the webinar (English - Spanish - French):