World Bank Group’s ‘Maximizing Finance for Development’ in times of Covid-19
Address: Online discussion,

05 October 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has buoyed calls for de-risking private finance to ensure that cash-strapped developing countries finance recovery plans. This session explores the implications of the WBG promotion of private finance-led recoveries for gender equality and sustainable development, and the lessons from the pandemic for harnessing private finance for development.

This session is co-sponsored by Eurodad, Nawi – Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective, Global Social Justice Program, LATINDADD, ITUC, Bretton Woods Project, FEMNET, AFRODAD,
SID, Oxfam International, Heinrich Böll Foundation


  • Daniela Gabor, Associate Professor in Economics, University of the West of England
  • María José Romero, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Eurodad
  • Crystal Simeoni, Director, Nawi – Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective
  • Richard Montgomery, Executive Director, UK, World Bank
  • Jennifer del Rosario-Malonzo, Deputy Director, IBON International (Discussant)
  • Moderator: Stefano Prato, Director, Society for International Development (Moderator)

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