A green recovery: Empty rhetoric or a just transition? - Eurodad's 2022 Conference
Address: Online, Online

10 June 2022

This hybrid session is part of Eurodad's 2022 Conference "Reboot the system: Defining joint strategies for economic justice" taking in place in Brussels on 9-10 June. 

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The session

Governments and international institutions have proposed roadmaps to ‘build back better.’ From the World Bank’s ‘Green Resilient and Inclusive Development’ framework to the EU’s Green Deal, these plans promise a lifeline out of the Covid-19 pandemic that is green and fair. However, there are concerns that these plans will deepen the ‘Wall Street Consensus,’ lock the world into an economic model which will deepen the unjust division of power and resources, lead to fiscal policies that deepen inequalities and social tensions at home and reduce the space of the Global South to define the pace and scope of their just transition.

The panelists will analyse current proposals for a green recovery on the basis of their ability to deliver a just transition. They will also provide their thoughts what remains to be done to ensure that current responses adequately address the financial gaps needed to achieve a just transition. 


Elena Crasta
Special Advisor - Just Transition Centre 

Chenai C. Mukumba
Policy Research and Advocacy Manager - Tax Justice Network Africa


Carla Montesi
Director for Green Deal and Digital Agenda - DG INTPA, European Commission

Jeroen Kwakkenbos
Deputy Head of the EU Office - Oxfam International

Max Ajl
Author (remote participation)





Please register to this event only in case you would like to join this session remotely.

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