Annual Meetings round-up: 75 years of the Bretton Woods institutions, little cause for celebration


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Annual Meetings round-up: 75 years of the Bretton Woods institutions, little cause for celebration

The 2019 World Bank and IMF Annual meetings last week marked the 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Institutions, but there was little cause for celebration. Taking place amid a bleak global economic outlook, the occasion was not used to rethink the role of the global financial architecture to equip multilateral institutions with the necessary tools to confront the development and climate challenges of the 21st century. Read our experts' report from Washington.


CSO declaration at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings following austerity policies in Ecuador, Argentina and Haiti

Thirty-five civil society organisations signed a declaration rejecting the IMF austerity policies implemented in Ecuador, Argentina and Haiti, raising social and economic concerns, which are now evident in both policy and practice in the countries. Click here for the full declaration.

Reports & useful resources

Austerity: The new normal

Austerity and the Washington Consensus do not need to be the “new normal. This new report by Isabel Ortiz and Mathew Cummings examines the alternatives available for governments to expand fiscal space and guarantee a development agenda which serves the people. 

IMF and World Bank Conditionality

In this video, Eurodad's Gino Brunswijck speaks about Aid Conditionality of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Recorded during the seminar on Aid Conditionality in the context of Financing for Development, organised in Warsaw, Poland by the Institute of Global Responsibility on 19 September.

Job vacancies

Network outreach coordinator at Eurodad

We are looking for a Network Outreach Coordinator to take forward the Eurodad network’s crucial work on development finance and ensure that Eurodad builds strong and effective coalitions for change. The successful candidate will balance excellent project management and network coordination skills with strong interpersonal communication in a multicultural context, and the ability to plan, organise and implement on their own initiative. Deadline: 24 November. Apply now!

Global tax advisor at ActionAid International

ActionAid International is looking for a Global Tax Advisor who will provide technical support and policy input to ActionAid’s Tax Justice Working Group members at both national, regional, and global level opportunities. Deadline: 3 November at midnight.

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