Civil Society calls for rethink of World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap as part of wider reforms to highly unequal global financial architecture


Seventy-four CSOs and individuals from around the world are calling on the World Bank to first assess its development effectiveness and the impact of its private sector-first approach before designing its reform agenda.

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As part of the consultation on the World Bank Group’s controversial  Evolution Roadmap, organisations including the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad), the Bretton Woods Project,  Christian Aid, Third World Network, and the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) have produced a comprehensive briefing which contains recommendations that would transform the current problematic proposals. 

The briefing calls for the World Bank to #RerouteTheRoadmap, as discussions on Bank reform continue, including at the upcoming Annual Meetings in Marrakech in October.

The briefing makes six key recommendations:

  1. Commission an external and independent review of the World Bank Group’s development effectiveness;
  2. Invert the 'private sector first' [or Cascade] approach, putting the public at the core of the World Bank’s efforts to support global public goods;
  3. Develop and fund a human rights policy;
  4. Mainstream climate justice into the Bank’s operations;
  5. Mainstream a gender lens into the Bank’s operations, extending the mandate of the upcoming Gender Strategy;
  6. Develop better metrics for measuring –and policies to tackle– inequality.

Download the briefing