Addressing the challenges of a climate- and gender-just and equitable world from a feminist, decolonial perspective - Eurodad Policy Forum 2021

25 November 2021



The interconnectedness between the multiple crises that humanity faces today - debt, climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, poverty, food insecurity and the Covid-19 pandemic - calls for a global, fundamental, systemic change. This session proposes to address these issues from a feminist and decolonial lens and identifies avenues for reform. This session will explore the potential way forward for global prosperity and address women paid and unpaid care work, global governance, active engagement of all genders, including marginalised gender communities, cancellation of debt, tax justice, reform of the financial sector, and elimination of extraterritoriality that shields public and private actors from accountability for human rights violations and environmental degradation.


Cécilia Gondard ·


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