Our Future is Public: Santiago Declaration for Public Services


The Declaration is a momentous agreement signed by more than 200 organisations, including Eurodad, who vow to work to transform our systems to ones which value human rights and ecological sustainability over GDP growth and narrowly defined economic gains.

Chronic underfunding threatens public services across the globe, driving economic inequality, injustice and austerity; and neocolonial policies maintain the status quo. The Santiago Declaration on Public Services is a collective response to these threats, that highlights the critical role of public services for our future and paves the way for a growing movement offering concrete solutions to counter the dominant paradigm of growth, privatisation and commodification. 

Endorsed by more than 200 organisations, including Eurodad, the Declaration comes at a time when the world is at a critical juncture, facing a series of crises including the environmental emergency, hunger, deepening inequalities, increasing armed conflicts, pandemics, rising extremism and escalating inflation.

Read the full declaration in English | Spanish | French 

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