Case studies: Reclaiming sustainable infrastructure as a public good


Case studies that accompany the report "Reclaiming sustainable infrastructure as a public good" published in English, Spanish and French.


Argentina's Highways and Safe Routes Network: Road to ruin? Lithuania's Prosumer Solar Community Model: The first online platform for solar energy
The one Million Cisterns Programme: New approaches and challenges for the Brazilian semi-arid region Myanmar's Myingyan public-private partnership gas power plant: Pitfalls of private sector involvement
Colombia's Cundinamarca Eastern Perimeter Corridor project: In the public interest? The Nacala Road Development Corridor in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique: Accumulating debts at the expense of citizens and the environment
Democratic Republic of Congo: Inga hydroelectric power project at risk of becoming another "white elephant"    


Red de Autopistas y Rutas Seguras - Etapa 1, Argentina: ¿Camino a la ruina? República Democrática del Congo: El proyecto hidroeléctrico Inga en riesgo de convertise en otro "elefante blanco"
Proyecto del Corredor Perimetral de Oriente de Cudinamarca en Colombia ¿de interés público?

El Programa Un Millón de Cisternas: Nuevos enfoques y desafíos para la región semiárida brasileña



These case studies have been produced with the financial assistance of Misereor and the European Union. The contents of this report is the sole responsibility of Eurodad and its partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the funders