Emergency financing for low-income economies to tackle Covid-19


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Emergency financing for Low Income Economies to tackle COVID-19

The Covid-19 crisis has the potential to devastate the lives and livelihood of 1.2 billion people in the 69 countries covered by this briefing and protecting the most vulnerable will require the adoption of measures on an unprecedented scale. Building on previous Eurodad research, this latest briefing provides an initial estimation of the emergency financing requirements they now face as a result of the crisis Furthermore, it considers the implications of different policy proposals currently under consideration in terms of the scale, conditions and efficiency of the use of multilateral resources.


Latin America and the outbreak of Covid-19: a chronicle of multiple crises

Covid-19 is a global health emergency that requires urgent action. In Latin America, devastating economic & social impacts from multiple crises are being felt, especially by women. In this joint-analysis, we explore how the nature of the region’s health systems, the recent austerity policies implemented in several countries and the challenges posed by increased private sector participation in healthcare have inhibited the region's response to the virus. Read part 1 and part 2.

Debt relief must deliver on ambitions

The IMF and WB are calling on the G20 to support debt relief for impoverished countries in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak. But the institutions must break with the past to ensure debt relief fulfils its purpose. In this article, Eurodad’s Debt Team examines how the Bretton Woods Institutions’ emergency funding and subsequent programming will ensure the lasting impact of debt relief measures being discussed. Click here for the full article.

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Repeat Prescription report cover. Red text on white background reading "Repeat Prescription. The impact of the World Bank's Private Sector Diagnostic Tools on developing countries.

Repeat prescriptions: the impact of the World Bank's Private Sector Diagnostic Tools on developing countries

The World Bank exerts influence over the development policies of low and middle income countries through various channels. In a new discussion paper, Eurodad explores how the World Bank promotes private sector participation in health & education in the global south via 'Country Sector Private Diagnostics'. 

Eurodad cost assessment of a debt moratorium to tackle the Covid-19 crisis

Eurodad, together with Jubilee Debt Campaign, UNCTAD, Jubileo Sur Américas, UN Economic Commission for Africa and Katharina Pistor have called for a debt moratorium for developing countries. In this briefing we assess the costs and implications of an immediate debt moratorium for 69 countries, within the context of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Time to Raise the Bar: Reflecting on Four Years of AIIB Projects

By Inclusive Development International

After its establishment in 2015, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) hit the ground running. With a bold agenda to create a “lean, clean and green” multilateral development bank for the 21st century, the AIIB set about developing the structures, staffing and policies required to achieve this vision. This brief looks at the bank’s portfolio of approved and proposed projects. This review seeks to inform readers on where and how AIIB funds are flowing, in order to provide a solid grounding for those seeking to engage in the public consultations on the ESF review.

Job vacancies

Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Corporate Regulation & Human Rights at CIDSE

The CIDSE Secretariat, located in Brussels, is currently looking for a Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor, Corporate Regulation and Human Rights to join its team as soon as possible. The position is 100% / 5 days per week, on a permanent contract. Click here for the full job vacancy. Deadline: 18 April

Communications and Public Relations Consultant at Global Policy Forum

The Global Policy forum is looking for a communications and public relations consultant to increase their visibility and external presence. The ideal candidate will be fluent in English and German, have experience with writing press releases and articles and have good knowledge of sustainability, human rights, economic and financial issues. Deadline: 15 April

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