Eurodad reaction to European Court of Justice ruling on Starbucks and Fiat state aid case


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Flags from EU member states fly outside the European Court in Luxembourg, reflected in the water surrounding the building

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Eurodad reaction to European Court of Justice ruling on Starbucks and Fiat state aid case

Cracks in the broken tax system were exposed on Tuesday after the European court rule that a tax deal between Luxembourg and Fiat was illegal state aid, while another between the Netherlands and Starbucks was not.

The cracks in our international tax system cannot be patched up with EU state aid rules. The only way to ensure that multinational corporations are taxed fairly and effectively is to throw the existing corporate tax rules in the bin and create a new and better system.

Tove Ryding, Tax Coordinator, Eurodad

Read her full comment.


Development Finance Seminar 2019 - Poland

Take a look through a series of photos from the Development Finance seminar in Warsaw, Poland, including Eurodad's Gino Brunswijck talking about the specific cases of success and failure of financing by the World Bank and the IMF.

CSO FfD Group (including Women's Working Group on Ffd) Declaration High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development

As the UN meets this September to discuss the climate crisis and sustainable development, it is evident that meaningful progress is only possible if world leaders commit to fix a broken global financial system. Those impacted the most by inaction as the world confronts the multiple crises at our doorsteps - financial crises, debt crises, climate crisis, and crisis of multilateralism - are those at the bottom rung of structural inequality ladder. This is in violation of the fundamental principles of human rights, especially women’s rights and gender equality.


We can work it out: 10 civil society principles for sovereign debt resolution

There is now widespread consensus within the international finance and development communities that a new wave of debt crises is unfurling. Global debt is reaching new peaks in all regions and across all country income groups, but as it stands, there is no systematic process under which sovereign debt restructurings take place and no possibility for a country to restructure its entire debt stock in one place and in one comprehensive procedure. In this new publication, Eurodad, along with 33 partner CSOs, set out 10 key principles to stimulate and inform global efforts to develop and agree on a multilateral sovereign debt workout mechanism.

Spotlight on financial justice: understanding global inequalities to overcome financial injustice

By Citizens for Financial Justice

Rising inequalities between the global north and south, the economically privileged and the marginalised, between different genders and racial identities, have been historically reproduced and intensified across generations and are defining features of our times. In this new report, Citizens for Financial Justice propose looking at global challenges through the lens of inequalities to unlock their transformational potential. Download the report today.

Civil society groups call for urgent reforms to AIIB’s intermediary lending

By Recourse

Building on the experience of monitoring the activity of the World Bank’s private sector lending arm, the International Finance Corporation, Eurodad joined over 50 civil society organisations in a letter to the President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) regarding the AIIB's financial intermediary lending. The letter raises concerns associated with the AIIB’s investments via financial intermediaries (FIs), and to request that the AIIB institute urgent reforms to manage the heightened social and environmental risks associated with this hands-off form of investing.

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Secretary General at ActionAid International

ActionAid International is a global federation that works closely with civil society organisations, social movements and supporters to empower people living in poverty and exclusion. As Secretary-General, you will lead the federation, working in partnership with its board, international leadership team and affiliates. You are a seasoned organisational leader and people manager, skilled at navigating complex international organisations, with demonstrated experience promoting feminist leadership, women’s rights, internationalisation and human rights-based approaches.

Fairtrade International policy and advocacy support for living income work in cocoa

Under a European Union grant, Fairtrade International (FI) is looking to improve both its policy and advocacy capacity in order to improve the impact-orientation of their advocacy interventions at different levels where we work as a system. To this end they are looking to commission a policy & advocacy expert to help strengthen their evidence-based political analysis and positioning and related advocacy strategies.

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