About the organisation

Eurodad staff are formally accountable to the network members through two main routes: the General Assembly and the Board. These bodies are described here.

General Assembly

Eurodad has a General Assembly of its members at least once per year. This is the time when all member organisations can help determine the strategic direction and management of Eurodad. At General Assemblies the main tasks of Eurodad member group representatives are to:

  • elect board members
  • elect new Eurodad member groups
  • approve financial reports and budgets
  • debate and approve annual workplans and Eurodad's Strategic Plan.

Board of Directors

Eurodad’s work is overseen by the Board. The Board consists of between five and twelve people, drawn from member organisations and elected for three-year terms by members at the General Assembly. The board provides guidance to the staff on the substance, priorities and modalities of the network’s programme, as well as on financial and grant management, organisational development, and human resources issues. The board normally meets four times per year.

The current members of the Board are as follows: 

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