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Tove Ryding

Eurodad response to today’s EU court ruling in the Apple / Ireland tax-related state aid case

Today, the European Court of Justice decided to annul the European Commission’s decision that Ireland’s tax treatment of Apple constituted illegal state aid.

  • Tax Justice
  • Stop Tax Dodging
Nerea Craviotto

Donor countries urged not to weaken the rules for reporting ODA

CSOs are urging donor countries not to change the rules for reporting debt relief as Official Development Assistance (ODA) when they meet this Wednesday (15 July)

  • Development Finance
Mark Perera

Eurodad reacts to UN calls for a global mechanism for sovereign debt restructurings

Today, the UN Secretary General called for a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism to be established as part of the longer term response to the Covid-19 crisis and its economic impacts. The call is accompanied by a new report from UNCTAD - the main UN body dealing with trade, investment and development issues - calling for a global authority to oversee debt restructurings.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Sustainability
Jan Van de Poel

Aid levels show donors far from delivering on commitments as Covid-19 pandemic calls for more and better aid

New statistics published today in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic show donors are far from delivering on their long-standing commitments and urgently need to reassess the way aid is delivered to target those who are being left behind.

  • Aid Effectiveness
Julia Ravenscroft

Developing country debt must be cancelled to tackle coronavirus crisis

On World Health Day, amid an unprecedented global crisis, more than 100 organisations are calling for developing country debt to be cancelled to fight the Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Resolution
Julia Ravenscroft

Impoverished countries spending up to 40% of government revenues on repaying debt, according to new research

A report published today shows that rapidly rising and more expensive public debt is pitting the rights of creditors against those of the world’s poorest - and in particular women and girls - as countries devote up to 40 per cent of revenue to external debt service.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Sustainability
Tove Ryding

Eurodad response to today's statement by the Inclusive Framework on BEPS

The OECD’s Inclusive Framework does not allow all countries to participate on an equal footing. We believe that decisions on global tax rules should be made at the United Nations.

  • Tax Justice
Julia Ravenscroft

Failed Tunisian airport exposes major problems with public-private partnerships

World Bank, EIB and other major donors continue to push failed PPP model in the MENA region, according to new report

  • Publicly-backed Private Finance

International NGOs call on EU Member States to end deadlock on corporate tax transparency

Three years have passed since the European Commission published a legislative proposal for mandatory tax transparency for multinational companies in the EU, called Public Country by Country Reporting. This week, Ministers from EU Member States will discuss the proposal for the first time at the Competitiveness Council meeting of the EU.

  • Tax Justice
Tove Ryding

Eurodad response to OECD consultation on international tax rules

Together with members and allies from across Europe, Eurodad has submitted a response to the OECD consultation on the secretariat’s proposal for new international rules to determine the way taxing rights are allocated between countries.