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Julia Ravenscroft

More than half of aid spent on procurement still goes to rich countries' firms - almost two decades after commitment to end 'tied aid'

A new report concludes that rich countries are still awarding more than half of their development aid procurement spending to companies from their own countries.

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Julia Ravenscroft

Ten years on: Global debt at all-time high. Developing countries hit hard by fallout

Ten years after the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers (15 Sept 2008), the world is in deeper debt than it was in 2009 – the height of the financial crisis.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Sustainability
Julia Ravenscroft

C20 Argentina: El plan del G20 para convertir la infraestructura en una ‘clase de activo’ debe ser archivado y reemplazado por un plan para aumentar y mejorar la inversión pública en infraestructura

Un informe de Eurodad concluye que el plan del G20 de desarrollar una ‘clase de activo a partir de la infraestructura’ para alentar la inversión privada en los países en desarrollo es un gran error y debe ser archivado.

  • Publicly-backed Private Finance
Julia Ravenscroft

C20 Argentina: The G20 plan to create an infrastructure ‘asset class’ must be shelved, and replaced with a plan to increase and improve public investment in infrastructure

Eurodad report shows the G20’s plan to develop an ‘infrastructure asset class’ to encourage private investment in developing countries is fundamentally flawed and must be shelved.

  • Publicly-backed Private Finance
Julia Ravenscroft

Eurodad media response to the decision in the Ireland-Apple State Aid case

Today the European Commission ordered Ireland to retrieve €13 billion in unpaid taxes from tech giant Apple, after the country was found to have breached EU rules on ‘State Aid’.

  • Tax Justice
  • Stop Tax Dodging

Why the World Bank must do better at Doing Business

On the eve of the release of the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014, civil society organisations call on the World Bank to implement the major recommendations delivered by an independent panel in June, which included ending the ranking of countries according to an “Ease of Doing Business” index and permanently removing the report’s controversial tax and labour indicators.

  • Development Finance

Debt Movement calls for a total cancellation of Haiti's debt

Campaigners dismayed at the International Monetary Fund’s new lending

  • Debt Justice