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Bodo Ellmers

The UN's work towards faster and better resolution of debt crises: a tale of legal frameworks and basic principles for debt restructurings

To date, there are no international institutions that are in a position to resolve debt crises in a fair, orderly and sustainable manner.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Resolution
Tove Ryding

An assessment of the G20/ OECD BEPS outcomes: Failing to reach its objectives

The Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) package released last year by the OECD is unlikely to put an end to tax scandals. In this blog our tax team busts open some of the most popular BEPS-related myths.

  • Tax Justice
  • Stop Tax Dodging
Jan Van de Poel

New anti-vulture fund legislation in Belgium: an example for Europe and rest of the world

Vulture funds target crisis countries that are already struggling to finance public services and infrastructure. An initiative in Belgium positions the country as a pioneer in efforts to stop vulture funds.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Resolution
Jeroen Kwakkenbos

The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation struggles to find relevance

The first High Level Ministerial (HLM) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) ended on 16 April in Mexico City with mixed messages and a glut of new voluntary initiatives.

  • Development Finance