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Bodo Ellmers

Civil Society Letter concerning the draft UN Resolution on External Debt Sustainability and Development

Eurodad, along with CSOs from across the world, welcome the draft UN General Assembly Resolution on "External Debt Sustainability and Development."

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Jean Saldanha

Eurodad Submission to the UNCTAD Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Financing for Development

On 4-6 November 2019, the UNCTAD Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Financing for Development met in Geneva to continue discussions on the issues, concerns and challenges raised in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda.

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Gino Brunswijck

Annual Meetings round-up: 75 years of the Bretton Woods institutions, little cause for celebration

The 2019 World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual meetings last week marked the 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Institutions (BWIs). However, there was little cause for celebration.


Declaration of civil society organisations at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings in light of the impacts of austerity policies in Ecuador, Argentina and Haiti

Thirty-five civil society organisations have today signed a declaration rejecting the IMF austerity policies implemented in Ecuador, Argentina and Haiti.

  • Development Finance

CSO FfD Group (including Women’s Working Group on FfD) Declaration High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development (FfD)

As the UN meets this September to discuss the climate crisis and sustainable development, it is evident that meaningful progress is only possible if world leaders commit to fix a broken global financial system. Those impacted the most by inaction as the world confronts the multiple crises at our doorsteps - financial crises,
debt crises, climate crisis, and crisis of multilateralism - are those at the bottom rung of structural inequality ladder. This is in violation of the fundamental principles of human rights, especially women’s rights and gender equality.
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Gino Brunswijck

UN Independent Expert links International Financial Institutions’ austerity push to Human Rights impacts

This week, the UN Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, released a report on the role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in imposing economic reforms that violate human rights. In particular, the report highlights how widespread promotion of austerity measures has had an adverse effect on human rights impacts in a number of countries. The document is due to be presented to the UN General Assembly in October,

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Maria Jose Romero

EU development finance can play a stronger and better role, say CSOs

Over the last few decades, the European financial architecture for development has changed significantly. Development finance is currently a central piece in the EU's development policy toolbox but with scarce resources available, a serious assessment is needed.

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Mary Stokes

Eurodad's International Conference 2019: a round-up

From 3-4 June, we met in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for our International Conference to build momentum to create change in development finance and achieve economic justice for all. Here are just a few highlights from two days of highly productive discussions!

Mary Stokes

Registrations open for the Eurodad International Conference

Registrations are open for the Eurodad International Conference this June in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year’s event is co-hosted with Ekvilib Institute and supported by SLOGA platform, Focus and EnaBanda.

Cecilia Gondard

French Court of Auditors’ annual report reiterates failure of public-private partnerships

In its recent annual report, the French Court of Auditors pinpoints cases of failed public-private partnerships (PPPs) once again.

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Mark Perera

UN Guiding Principles on human rights impact assessments of economic reforms

The UN Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights will be presenting new Guiding Principles on human rights impact assessments of economic reforms to the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in February/March 2019.

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Polly Meeks

Joint civil society submission to the February 2019 Senior Level Meeting of the OECD Development Assistance Committee

This submission represents the views of a group of 27 civil society organisations (CSOs) from the global south and the global north.

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